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    Is it possible to populate fields using calculations to strip out unnecessary content from other fields?

    greerp Rookie

      I am trying to design an incident workflow that interacts with a customer's service management tool. I have all of the intersection points mapped out so that specified emails using specific keywords & incident ids will be sent at the appropriate time. The idea behind this is to avoid unnecessary analyst time ensuring updates are shared when expected and resolutions in one system get mirrored in the other.


      It all works fine, except for the need to manually populate our "client reference" field with the customers incident number. When a new incident arrives from them, we need to manually populate their incident id into the client ref field. If this is forgotten or mistyped, then the integration fails.


      Can anyone suggest a way that we can auto populate this field? The id comes in from an email, so is on the initial email title and any update notes titles. I wondered if it would be possible to use a calculation to take the incident title field and extract only the 5 digit customer reference field would be possible. I don't know how practical that is as I am not at all familiar with BOO, but if anyone has tried something like this before or has a better tip, I'd love to hear from you.