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    Recovery from server failure


      We suffered a server hardware failure and had to build a new server, same IP address etc.  We have the hard drive from the old server and need to know which Avalanche (v5) files to copy from the old hard drive to the new server hard drive to recover the profile settings etc (unfortunately the previous system administrator did not take backups!)


      Any/all help would be appreciated





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          Without a backup this is going to be tricky, some things I don’t know even if you can recover. This is all I can suggest, hope it helps:


          1. Start with checking if there IS a backup at %installroot%\Wavelink\AvalancheMC\backup. Because if there is a backup file you can restore it into the new environment.
          2. If the server has the same IP address and assuming the same name then the devices will automatically connect to the new or rebuilt server as soon as avalanche is installed and licensed. However since there are no packages and profiles on it the existing packages on the device will show as orphaned. When you readd the packages there is a chance the packages will reinstall.
          3. If you have PostgreSQL skills or have access to DBA then provide them with the %installroot%\Wavelink\AvalancheMC\db folder to see if they can extract anything from there.
          4. Licensing – You will have to add licenses back in. Depending on what you have done with the server the node lock most likely has changed. Go to %installroot%\Wavelink\AvalancheMC\ and edit the Wavelink.lic file.

          It will read something like 1.2,WL-Avalanche,4.8,Maint,NodeLock,License End Date,License Start Date, No. Of Licenses, Activation Code,xxxxxxxxxxxx,

          Grab the Activation code from this file and node lock from the new server for new Wavelink.lic file.

          1. Rebuilding Profiles and Selection criteria  -  Under %InstallRoot%\Wavelink\Agent Server\Avalanche\Service\MAIN.PRF\ there are a lot of .GRP folders. These hold info for the profiles, selection criteria and the packages within each criteria. Editing Collection.properties will show the selection criteria. Then there are sub folders for each package in that profile with a .PKG extension, this will show which packages belong to the profile and also their source files if you need. Hopefully you have the package .ava files somewhere so you do not have to rebuild the packages.


          Good Luck !!

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            @vishalmajmudar Many thanks for the advice :-)


            We're using AvalancheSE and I can see that the backup folder has three files:






            I have attempted to restore the above but the restore function does not recognise those files?

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              @vishalmajmudar Ignore my last, I have managed to recover the server :-) Many thanks for your help and advice