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    Best Practice in LDDA / SLM for handling divestitures (reduced license numbers)


      Hi All,


      An interesting challenge has arisen with us with the development of a recent divestiture.   In LDDA / SLM I have to reflect the fact that we have less SW licenses because we gave some to the company to whom we sold the division.  I don't want to reduce the actual quantities of the licenses we originally purchased in SLM.  That would cause an issue with correlating actual license quantities back to the original PO quantities.   I'd like to be able to enter negative numbers with a license entry that says XYZ divestiture but when I tried it the system did not accept negative numbers.  Trying to use the ERP sw compliance report to do audits will be challenging without a solution to this issue


      Has anyone else run into this situation and how to you handle it from a license management point of view.



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          Unfortunately I don't believe there is a way to do that at the moment. Something worth trying though would be to set up a Software License Import with a negative number and try to import with that, I unfortunately haven't tried it myself. Most people would just subtract the number of licenses that they no longer have and I believe that is the supported way at the moment. I'd suggest adding your idea to the Ideas/Enhancement Request part of the community and see if that's something that could be added in the future.