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    Creating a scope based on LDAP security group membership

    bprocter Apprentice



      I am working on a patching solution for our servers.  we have approximately 500 servers that we need to patch on a monthly basis and where possible we would like to automate this using LANDesk.  I want to create a few scopes which I was hoping to build based on an LDAP query for servers which would be a member of different security groups in AD.  I have categorised our servers based on Risk and Difficulty so I have created Security Groups for each category then I was going to create scopes based on each category.


      For instance the first group which contains most of our Test and Development servers: Server Patching Low Risk Low Difficulty


      I have created an LDAP Query in LDMS for this group which works a treat but I cant figure out how to create a scope based on this Query?

      Also I noticed I could create an LDMS query based on group membership but I am assuming that this is dependant on successful inventory scans of the device before the machine group display name will populate?


      I am trying to make the process as low maintenance as possible and if all we need to do is ensure that servers are put in the correct SG at the time of Build then the rest as they say would be History as LD would pickup on the membership through the query and then the patching would be done via the scope.


      Hope this makes sense!