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    Escalation point actions and priority


      Hi all


      Many many moons ago in a version of LANDESK far far away (7.2.6 if I recall correctly) I used to use the priority value set in escalation points actions to order my queries by. I needed at least 20 'ranks' for this to work effectively and I'm trying to do something similar in our current version 7.7.1. Essentially it's simply to get the calls sorted in an order of when they are going to breach.


      I've tried playing with the sort order using the Breach Time attribute which works fine up until a call breaches and the value becomes null. All the nulls then appear at the top of the query (which is fine) but they are in no particular order, a sub-sort would be awesome here.


      I've also got a calculated attribute which populates the null values with "BREACHED", but obviously I can't sort on a calculated value, not that this will necessarily fix my sort issue anyway but it's more user friendly.


      I was looking into going back to using priorities/ranks but found the value is set within an ordered list which I can happily add to/amend but the Int32 'rank' value is limited to 1,2,3,4,5 and won't go further?


      Anybody else come across this?

      How do you order your 'workload' queries?


      Just looking for ideas and a good way forward


      Thanks in advance