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    Automatic actions to Pass through a status with assignment


      I have a couple of processes where I need to automate an assignment within a status & continue on.  Here is the start of my process. Initially I didn't have the Move on or Decision in there... Added it in to try to get around this issue, but so far not working.


      It seems when it gets to the "Authorized" status, it just stops & sees the automatic "Add Assignment" action there as Manual action, & does not auto-assign as I intended it to.   The Authorization decisions will reinitialize into a separate process that , after approval, changes the status as Authorized & re-initializes back to the original process (based on an "Action Type" field on each request template)


      The Authorized status must be here, so if it does indeed require authorization, it will be able to re-initialize in the same state to the original process, but I want to be sure that after it comes back or if approval is not needed, it gets assigned to first-level staff for review before going forward.


      I spoke to support today on this & they mentioned something to do with multiple Pre-Conditions on the same process causing the halt in processing as a "safety" feature to avoid looping.  Can anyone give me some guidance on how to get around this?  I tried adding a decision there also, but it seems to now just be halting at "move on" & will not, well, move on. 


      I'm on ver 7.7.3




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          I think this article will explain what you might have already heard from support.


          Looking at your process I would say you are going through too many status in a single transition, I hope the above article will help guide you in more detail.



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            Yes - I saw the article while looking for a work-around.  Unfortunately, a scheduled task isn't my first choice & I felt the other suggestions were too involved to move the process beyond the status in this scenario.


            I ended up modifying the process to the path below over the weekend & it seems to work ok now.  While I would still prefer to have the automatic actions in place to push it through status if it passes certain conditions, this way works for now for the steps I need.


            I'm not sure how an automatic status could possibly loop if there is no path to bring it back to that status in the workflow, but I guess it was changed for a reason & I'll just have to work around it.


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              smiddleton Expert

              Hi dblansky,


              Could you achieve what your after by having a decision that checks if authorisation is not required for the item, the yes branch then skips the authorised status performs the assignment you want a then stops at Awaiting Request Completion.


              The Authorised status sits on the other branch, and assuming your approval process contains a status of authorised then when it reinitialises back to this process it will come in on the authorised status, you have 2 options to assign it somewhere then.

              1. Assign it before the reinitialise in the approval process.

              2. Pre-condition on Authorised in main process and move onto another status with and assignment.


              Your approval process will need a precondition after the Authorised status which checks if the status is Authorised, with an automatic action after that then performs the re-initialise.


              With the way re-initialise works the decision from your main process will never get evaluated other than checking if the item doesn't require authorisation, to be honest you could right a dummy decision which checks if creation date is not null, it's there purely so process designer doesn't see Authorised as an orphaned status.

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                wamccoid Specialist

                There is a limitation to using Preconditions followed by an automatic action and that is if the Precondition is not met when the record hits the status, then when the precondition is met the automatic action will show but will not fire.  The only way around this is to setup scheduled ations which I agree is not the best method but to date the only method.  If I come up with a work around I will be sure to let you know.



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                  Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup


                  This may be old.. but you could try putting a manual action in there after your precondition and you can set some properties on that action to true for the "Is Default Action" and "Is AutoPrompt".  If you set these 2, the system treats it almost like an auto action.  It sort of tricks the system a bit.  I've had to do this several times because I had to many decisions, auto actions and preconditions before.


                  Email me if you still can't get it rolling..