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    9.6 SP1 Task Visibility Downloading Stage


      I have been testing out some of the new features of 9.6 SP1 and was looking at the new Task Visibility Stages specifically the Download stage where is shows the download percentage in the progress bar.  Send Detailed Task Status is enabled in our agent settings but what I am seeing is that the percentage that is reported back doesn't appear to be correct.  As a test I built an Office 2013 executable distribution package and added all of the office files as additional files after selecting the setup.exe as the primary file.  After scheduling the task and doing a push to the machine the percentage immediately started at 43% when the stage changed to Downloading.  Within a few seconds the percentage was at 100% but was still downloading files.  Since I knew it wasn't possible for it to be finished downloading all of the files that quick I looked in the sdmcache folder on the client to see the size of the Office 2013 folder that was being downloaded and it was only at 135 MB which isn't anywhere near 100%.  It almost makes me wonder if the percentage is only based on the primary file and does not take into account the additional files that need to be downloaded.


      I realize that calculating time remaining and percent completed is never that accurate but is anyone else seeing similar things?