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    Mac Provisioning in 9.6 Sp1


      Ok I have read the docs  for 9.6 Sp1 imaging and have open d a case for them to clarify it because it crates more questions that it solves..  Hopefully they will update the docs in short order. But I have a couple of   questions for you mac people.. We intend not to use an OSX server and use the pxe rep we have set up. I have built a bare bones  Yosemite mac mini. Now the instructions are fuzzy on how you need to  make this into a netboot  image to use as the nbi file on the core.  Do I need to have the  following installed on the device I am going to run the LANDeskOSDUtility on?  A mac LANDesk client? Also do I have to have the server app on the device?? its a bit muddled of a doc so was wondering..


      So with the bare bones install of the os and just the LANDesk client? can I then run the LANDeskOSDUtility or do I have to have the  mac  OSX server app installed also? I am just not sure.   We do not intend on useing a Mac OSX server  as a nehbooot server but the pxe rep as indicted  in LANDesk 9.6 Sp1.