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    Maximum number of automatic actions between statuses

    jasoncadman Expert

      Dear All


      I'm having some problems getting automatic actions to fire when there is more than one in between 2 statuses. It seems to be ignoring the second, third or fourth one. I know that's a bit vague but I'm still testing at the mo


      On the audit trail for the request it seems that the automatic actions are firing out of order as well and I'm not sure if it's related.


      I've looked at this but it doesn't seem related in my case

      Best Known Method: Working with Preconditions and automatic actions


      Has anyone else seen this before?





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          Hi Jason,


          First i would have to ask if you could give us some more background on the scenario.  What version of LANDesk Service Desk are you using?  Can you send a screen capture of what you are doing and trying to accomplish?


          I will give this to you though.  When you have several Automatic Actions following each other, the time stamps on them act "strangely".  Meaning, they do not display in the order they are processed when looking at the audit trail.


          If you are going strictly by the audit trail to determine if the Automatic Action fired, then you need to make sure you have auditing enabled for each action.


          Hope this helps.


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            jasoncadman Expert

            Hi Mike


            Many apologies for the lack of response. The order wasn't the issue last time and I had sorted it out. Ironically it might be the problem this time. Or my second guess is that the information isn't available to the calculation in the automatic action


            Version 783


            Here is the scenario:


            1) on a change window use a before save calc on an attribute to create a name for a role - works fine

            2) use that attribute  to create the name on an automatic action that creates a role - works fine

            3) populate a separate Role drop down (1-2-1 relationship from change to Role) with the new role details using a calculation on an automatic action that searches for the role that was just created and returns it (GetObjectbyAttribute calc) - this doesn't work until there is another status\manual action in the process breaking the process up (an making it more cumbersome for the user)


            I can get this to work as long as I have statuses and manual actions to separate the automatic actions out but... and here is the catch... I want to do this with as few manual actions as possible


            I have added the auditing and the results are the same it seems. Here's the history and I want the create role


            Automatic process Actions firing out of  order webdesk.JPG


            Here's the process



            I've also tried adding a pause to the calculation so it waits for 10 seconds before executing the next step in the process (that's the "stop for a bit" automatic action) but it still seems to show the same execution times on the history even though the time it takes for that section of the process has increased by 10 seconds! Here's the latest incarnation that works but with too many steps



            I've tried populating the Role drop down on the window with a copy rule on the process and pciking out the latest one and that works. Hang on.... might have had another idea....


            Create role 1 action, then update the role 1 attribute on change with a auto action copy with a runtime value for the latest created role in the collection then, create role 2 action and do the same for that


            Wish me luck....

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              Mariusz.Maniak Expert

              I think issue is in the way that Landesk works - all automatic action between statuses are fired more - less simultaneously, so Stop for a bit will not work

              My solution for this would be:

              in status "Role creation complete" add always true precondition, and automatic action "update notification..."

              This way You can split task for two parts, and this should work.


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                jasoncadman Expert

                Thanks Maruiaz


                I've now had to add in an extra step for a different team so i could spread out the automatic actions, but I'll definitely try that out. It makes logical sense as that should then split the actions up





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                  andreas.lindner Expert

                  Hi Jason,


                  I've, not only once, experienced that automatic action did not fire if there are more than one between e.g. two status or an manual action and the next status. What fixed it for me, had been as easy as it was bugging: delete all not working actions, save the process (you might need to connect the working action with the next status), close the console, IISRESET, open the console again and add the actions again.


                  Just experienced it with 2016.2 and Hotfix 1.




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                    jasoncadman Expert

                    thanks Andereas.


                    I had tried that. Also tried changing the order but i think that it was because the change that the second action needed hadn't been saved to the database and wasn't accessible.


                    It was creating a role first and then secondly, putting a person in it so i don't think that the role was available fast enough for the user to be added to it.