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    Multicast Distribution?


      Is there a way to distribute software to devices using multicast distributing if there is a machine at that location already on LDMS 9.5?

      I am trying to get all devices on subnet on LDMS 9.5 without having to touch every machine, its about 700 computers...

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          jhackett SupportEmployee


          What do you mean by "a machine already on LDMS 9.5?" Are you asking if you can distribute software to a a subnet where only one system has an agent installed?

          Or are you asking if you can install agents on systems in subnet where one system has an agent installed? Can your Core communicate with that subnet? If so you should be able to use Unmanaged device discovery.

          Here is a video tutorial that goes through that.

          Device Discovery


          If you can clarify what it is exactly that you are doing it would help.


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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            Further to Jared's response.


            It seems like you are talking about agent deployment. If so, then multicasting only applies if the target devices already have an agent on them. If you are looking at deploying agents to new devices then consider using the 'Advance Agent' msi. This will install the agent and can make use of local downloads to machines that already have the agent (peer download). This can be very bandwidth efficient even though it does not use multicasting.


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              Yes to both questions. I have a location that has 18 computers but only 3 of them have the 9.5 agent installed and I want to target the other 15 and get them updated with the 9.5 agent as well. So will unmanaged device discovery help me with that?

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                Ok UDD was the way to go, thanks, now that I have discovered these unmanaged devices, how do i deploy the agent to them if it doesn't give me an option to copy those devices from the UDD list?

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                  Thanks Jared and Mark.

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                    jhackett SupportEmployee


                    You can drag the unmanaged devices to a scheduled task. Just click on one and drag it to the scheduled tasks tab and then from there to your agent installation task.

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