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    Report repeating infinitely

    tlman12 Apprentice

      I'm trying to create a report with 2 tables, the first table is basic information like name, last boot, a couple of counts etc.


      the second table is supposed to display the computer name in group 1 the severity of the vulnerability in the group 2's and the table data is the information about the vulnerability. 


      being a test produces exactly what I want but when I save it and run the report the first table works as expected but adds a whole completely blank page, then the second table is on the 3rd page, Group 1 shows as expected group 2 shows as expected but the when it reaches the end of the page it stops. It inserts a completely blank page and then puts the exact same information. This repeats infinitely I let it go to over 2000 pages but the information never changes.


      I can't seem to figure out why this is happening.

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          jhackett SupportEmployee


          I have found that if I create a table with 4 columns it triggers this behavior. If you do have a table with 4 reduce it to 3 and let me know what happens.





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            tlman12 Apprentice

            I figured this out, it turns out that the page size was set too wide and too long, I figured that the report would cut it off and discard it but it seems to have been the reason it was adding that extra white space. scaled down the page to 8.5in x 3in and the report works perfectly now.


            I did try that 3 column thing first (my second table was 3 columns) but that didn't have an affect.


            For as useful and robust as this program can be, it has some stupid quirks