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    Network Printer Toner / Issue request in Self-Service


      Good Day,


      I'm fairly new to the product (Running version 7.7.3) and I am in the process of setting up Self Service for my End Users.

      Our End Users are notorious for not providing any detail when they email the HelpDesk, and since a great deal of our requests revolve around Network Printers I would like to create a customized incident request form.

      The catch being If this request is not super simple they will simply email the helpdesk (which is why I don't want to use the Full Incident worksheet).


      With that said I would like to have a Request form prepopulated with their user information which I think is covered in this document Automatically populate the Raise User attribute with the name of the user creating the record in Web Access


      The form would then contain:


      -Dropdown box that is populated with the names of all the Network Printers (I'm assuming I would add an attribute to my CI in order to query on this)


      -Radio button (or drop down) that lists a few common issues (Out of toner, Paper Jam, Status error, Etc)


      -A Small description box for error messages.


      As a bonus it would be nice if an additional "colour" selection box would popup when "Out of toner" is selected on a colour printer.


      I was told to use the service catalogue in order to accomplish this but for some reason I feel that a modified Incident request would be more appropriate?


      Any push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,