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    LANDesk Reporting Creates Multiple Copies


      I have a scheduled report of all computers based on an LDMS Query that creates 25+ identical copies when it runs. Does anyone have a fix?

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          What do you mean by multiple copies?


          If you mean you see the same machine in the report 25 times, then look at the columns you have included, you may have a one-to-many relationship where one machine can have multiple values for one attribute e.g. drive letter.


          If not this, then can you provide clarification on what you are seeing?


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            Elizabeth_FSBCT Rookie

            I know this has not been answered in the forum, but I am curious as to whether or not the issue has been resolved?

            We have been experiencing something like this as well. We have canned reports that we generate on a schedule daily. One for software inventory updates, and one for antivirus. Our systems engineer that manages our VM environment had done an update to our VM, and since then when the reports are generated daily, it started with generating 7 emails for each report to each recipient.

            Our engineer that manages our email server confirmed that there wasn't anything going on through Exchange.

            The reports were deleted and recreated, the schedules deleted and recreated, the LANDesk and SQL servers both rebooted, and all it did was go from bad to worse. We are now receiving up to 45 emails per report to each recipient. It almost seems as though there is some sort of caching issue?