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    Trimming of prefix while scanning


      Hi there,


      We are using Wavelink Emulation Parameters to config the handheld (Honeywell) to scan barcode.


      The challenge I'm encountering is, while scanning barcodes, I will need to trim off the prefix (can be the first or first two characters).  Is there anyway i can configure the params in the scan handler that by press a function key or scanning a separate barcode to instruct the scanner trim off the characters?


      Speaking to my local vendor, the best they could do is to trim of the prefix by default, which wouldnt work for me.


      Appreciate any advice and thanks in advance.




      Chong Fu

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          Hi there..


          to provide an example to illustrate :

          when scanning, if I encounter a part number with a Prefix of P, I would want to press a function key or have some action on the scan handler such that it will omit the prefix.


          Reason why this is necessay as the parts comes from various manufacturer and supplier and the label format is not standardised across these entitites.