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    How Do I A SpeakEasy Demo Setup



      I'm new on this Board and I want to test SpeakEasy on a Casio DT-X8 with WinCE6.0 and TelnetCE 7.3.196.

      What have I to do to activate TTS on the Casio?

      TelnetCE is installed and running

      SpeakEasy is also already transferred to the handheld (via "Wavelink SpeechToText ActiveSync Support" and "Wavelink TextToSpeech Compact ActiveSync Support")

      In the TelnetCE-AboutWindow the CheckBox called "Speech" is not activated.

      I've no license yet because first I want to test it out to see if it fits our needs.


      What are the next steps now?

      Which User Guide or Reference Guide contain these informations?

      Can anyone help me to get on with this?

      Thanks in advance