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    Limit software installs


      Landesk 9.5 SP1


      Does anyone know if there is a way to either limit the number of times a user can install the same software title assigned to them via Landesk, or is there a way to block a user from installing software on any machine they log into?


      for the most part, software is assigned to an user's machine. But for a large number of users, the software is assigned to their ID so the software is available to install as soon as they log into their new machines. Those users in particular can install software assigned to them on any machine they log into. We are researching possible ways to restrict this. Like looking for a way to block faculty from installing software assigned to them on their graduate student machines or TA machines or on lab machines, etc. A few have realized they can do this... Perhaps we can limit the number of times a specific user can install a specific software title?


      Banner is our parent system, some of that information is passed to AD which our LANDesk is connected to.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!

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          bcstring SupportEmployee



             Currently the best method to control what devices are targeted in a task it to set the query up to resolve machines and not users. That way when the query resolves it only pulls in those machines, and not all machines that a user has logged into.


             Let me know if you have more questions.





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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            I agree with Bryce. My preferred approach to for those that like to use AD as a targeting mechanism is to have machines accounts added to a distribution group rather than user accounts. This keeps the ability for the service desk to subscribe users without the need to be able to access the LD management console; you just need to make sure they have the rights to control membership.


            This is also a potential for the use of the uninstall association where the application gets removed if the device is no longer a target. This helps you to subscribe/unsubscribe devices.


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