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    How to integrated stored procedure into process?

    jkhill Specialist

      I have a somewhat complicated parsing that involves users and because boo can't query user objects (see Re: Getting all users from a group via a calculation), I'm considering doing it in a database trigger.


      At a high level the process will look something like this:


      1) Status:  Awaiting Response.


      2) Action:  Add Note


      3) Condition:  Does Note subject contain XYZ?


        go back to Awaiting Response status


         go to Status: Reviewing Response


      4) Status:  Reviewing Response


         (the trigger will fire whenever it sees the process in the Reviewing Response status)

         (the trigger will call a stored procedure that will update up to ten fields with a Yes, No or N/A)

         (the stored proc will update a separate field called ResponseReviewCompleted to 1)


      5) Precondition:  ResponseReviewCompleted = 1?


      6) Automatic Action:  Set ResponseReviewCompleted = 0


      7) Condition:  Are any of the ten fields Null?


         Go back to Awaiting Response




      I don't see any problem with the above except that I don't know how to get my process to wait for the stored procedure to complete.  I'd strongly prefer not to call out to LPM for this due to performance considerations. 


      I had the idea of using the ResponseReviewCompleted field but unless the process engine is constantly monitoring for changes in the database, I doubt it would work.


      Any ideas would be appreciated.