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    9.6 console unbearably slow


      since updating to LDMS 9.6 & still after applying SP1, my consoles are very slow.  Often when switching between queries, clicking on pc's, selecting tasks, distro packages, or any other screen change, the console freezes, most times for at least 30-45 seconds & becomes non-responsive.


      Has anyone else seen this?  My team is becoming more & more aggravated trying to work via the console (as am I) and wasting a lot of time through the day waiting for things to refresh.


      I have my settings to only update agent status on selection, am running on a quad core pc Win 7 64 bit with 8 GB of RAM - I actually set up a separate pc & am running ONLY landesk on that pc & nothing else, & still experiencing this.


      Nothing has changed on the sql side since we were at 9.5, so I can only believe this is a 9.6 specific issue.

      W3Wp seems to be running a bit high on the core server, but has reduced somewhat since updating to SP1

      THere are 3 w3wp processes running - a couple at 100 -200 MB & one at around 600-700 MB of ram usage at any given time (down from 850-1000 prior to sp1)

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