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    Prevent Typing in a DateTime Field on Self Service Portal


      In self service portal, so a web access window, when you click on a datetime field declared as DateOnly then the current month calendar is displayed to choose the date. This is fair enough and the user obviously knows they need to select a date and a vsalid date will of course be entered.

      If however you tab, rather than click, to the field the calendar does not pop-up and the user is at liberty to try and type a valid date into the field. This can throw up errors which is pretty meaningless to an end user especially as it does not even name the field in error.


      Not quite figured out yet what triggers the return of the message because its not when you exit the date field. In this case it is appearing when I open the Site dropdown towards the top of the page.


      Does anyone know a way either to

      • cause the calendar to open when tabbing into the field
      • disable typing in the field