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    Email Templates

    mburton147 Apprentice

      Hi - We're looking to create some email templates for user notifications (incident raised, on-hold, resolved etc) but looking at the process designer these don't appear to be easy to design.


      Is there any way you can create email templates and decide on font, layout and adding images easily without having to write the html to do this (and in a tiny window)?

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          Our email templates are created and maintained external to the add reminders used within LDSD.   We pretty much just make whatever changes external, test there, then copy and paste in.  We've got a lot of reminders, so just have them labeled appropriately. 


          The window size you are talking about can be adjusted in the Window Manager.  Should just be the Reminder Window.  As with any window, prior to making adjustments, take proper precautions, make a backup and work on that, etc.


          Hope this helps.



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            Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee

            You could create an 'Email Templates' reference list. Relate this to the process object (to allow for other processes).


            Create attributes for each of the email requirements:


            Incident Raise Title

            Incident Raise Details



            Set the Details attributes to be String, -1, html.


            Create form and add the attributes making sure to re-size as required.


            Create a new list item such as Incident Email Template (could also be Request, Change etc). Complete the email content as required including any database attributes. For example: A new incident with reference of {Id} has been created.


            Add the list attribute to the default console incident window. If this is a form user will see you can always hide the attribute once the task below is completed.


            Open Template Designer and create a new template an set the Email Template attribute to be the item you created above. If you already use templates then just update them to include the reference list attribute.


            If required modify the form to hide the attribute.


            Modify your incident process so that each reminder now uses the reference list/attribute passed to it via a value type. For example:


            Reminder Title: {Incident/_EmailTemplates/_IncidentRaiseTitle}

            Reminder Body: {Incident/_EmailTemplates/_IncidentRaiseDetails}


            Activate your process.


            Finally update any shortcuts that create a new incident to include the template (if not already using a template).

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              Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee

              You could replace the template with a calculation on each reminder. Same principal but would just mean you don't need to create templates.


              I am sure there are posts on here showing a calculation example.

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                mburton147 Apprentice

                Thanks for your help - all useful!