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    AD Integration, Supported Platform & Emulator for Telephony Integration


      Hi All,


      I have some questions about Telephony Integration :


      1. If LANDesk is Integrated with AD and the user logout from LANDesk, is there any notification showed up when requestor calling for a new ticket ?
      2. What type of telephone system (PABX) to integrate with LANDesk, Is Analog or Digital (IP Based) or both ?
      3. What is the supported platform (PABX Type & Brand) for telephony integration ? for example alcatel, avaya, etc
      4. Is there any emulator for telephony integration? 5. For the middleware (QGate Intelli CTI License), is it included in LANDesk License or separate purchase?


      Thank you very much.




      Ahmad Fikri Nurrahman

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          1. No there isn't, but this isn't to do with Telephony Integration really is it?

          2. You'd need to get the list of supported telephony systems/platforms from your local support team.  They have access to this.  The qgate web site only lists the currently support versions and that may not be the version of Qgate LD ship for you to use.

          3. As above

          4. Yes, the Qgate middleware comes with software where you can pretend to be a phone.  Ring tones and everything!

          5. When you buy CTI, you be asked to say how many stations you need.  You will then get licenses for this which you apply as part of the qgate install.  From memory these are licensed per PC rather than named or concurrent, but again your LD account manager should be able to help you with this

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