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    Search tab in Webdesk toolbar ?

    Rizwan Specialist

      Hello Guys,


      Is Search tab in WebDesk toolbar and Knowledge background search doing same tasks.


      If they are different I want to understand how the Search tab in tool bar is working.

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          Jenny.Lardh SupportEmployee



          The Quick Search can be used for typing in specific reference number and it can also be used for Knowledge Search. This however depends on where you are logged in and who you are logged is as. For example, if you are an End User logged in to Self Service you can only search for Articles that has been made knowledgeable and approved.

          If you are logged in as an Analyst in to Web Desk you can type in reference number and get the Incident, Changes, Requests and so on up. You can also do a Knowledge search for all Objects that are set to be Knowledgeable.


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            Rizwan Specialist

            Cool grt thank u...


            Crisp and altered below...


            Search – enables you to search the Service Desk database for incident IDs, text that appears in
            processes, and so on.
            NOTE: When an end-user logs into Self Service, the same Search control is available in the toolbar as is available
            in Web Desk. However, end-users in Self Service search only through knowledge data – they will not see process