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    Scan Handler (Enter after barcode scan) not working




      I'm having problems with a Motorla scanner and Wavelink.

      Everything (i need) that is configured in Emulation Parameters works, but the only thing that does not work is a "return" on barcode scan (Scan Handler).

      My Wavelink version is TelnetCE 7.2.00 and i have a licence for VTHP.


      29-1-2015 12-08-22.jpg


      I have also tried to use A(0)[A\\0D] but that does not work either.


      29-1-2015 12-43-29.jpg

      The manual found on this page does not help either:



      Is this a Wavelink version problem? Or am i doing something else wrong?


      Scan Terminator is also \0D:


      29-1-2015 12-46-31.jpg


      I have re-installed the Wavelink software on the Scanner, but that didn't help either.


      Does anyone have any idea that i'm doing wrong?


      The scanner is a Motorola MC9090 with WIndows Mobile 5.1


      Thanks in advance!