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      I know this isn't a LANDesk product but it's related to provisioning.  My provisioning template is working all the way to the desktop of the computer.  There is only one snag on the process.  Diskpart randomly renumbers the drive in the computer from Disk 0 to Disk 1 and vice versa.  As you can see an unattended  provisioning template isn't that great with a constantly changing Disk number.  I'm using Landesk 8.8 and Dell PowerEdge T300, RAID 10.



      I've search this forum and also other web forums with no real simple solution.  If I must, I can write a script program to determine the drive number.  I just didn't want to invest in the time if there's already a solution here in this forum.  Or if LANDesk has encountered this issue and has a workaround.



      Thank you



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          bhadzik Apprentice

          I have never seem it randomly assign disk 1. I think there could be some outside variable affecting this. Will it assing it disk 0 or 1 on the same machine if you run the provision again, or is it when you move to different hardware? Is there any other disks on the system? memory sticks, external drives, etc..

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            No this is on the same physical machine with no external drive connected to it.  The provisioning template would work for a day without any problem, then without any adjustment the disk number would change from 0 to 1 or vice versa.

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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              Well - DISKPART gets the info on "what is disk 0" from the PC itself (well - the BIOS feeds the order).


              I've never seen that order be random (it can't be, if you think about it - you can't be booting of disk #A today and off Disk #C tomorrow) ... something MUST have changed. Whether someone fiddled with a BIOS option, or the RAID-controller, "some" change must have happened. There's no way that this could happen "on its own", short of you having a dodgy cable (power or data) and that the "original" disk 0 wasn't recognized.


              But that's pretty tenuous at best, and not stuff I've ever seen happen in the real world myself, to be honest (still - it can happen).


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical lead.

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                zman Master

                Echo what everyone is saying...never seen it happen without an external drive attached. What type of machine is this happening on (make, model, BIOS ver, drive(s) config)? Also how are you booting into provisioning (e.g., PXE, etc..)?

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                  Thanks for the reply:



                  I'm beyond picking which virtual drive now, I ended creating a program that will determine which disk number and make the necessary adjustment.



                  I have been fighting with another problem altogether.  I've been only 50% successful when creating partitions.  In the setup I wanted to create a primary partition of 50GB and assign it drive C.  The remainder I wanted to assign to a extended/logical drive and assigned it the letter D.



                  Half the times it would be successful creating the second partition, other times provisioning process would fail altogether.  When provisioning adjust the disk size and partitions, does it use diskpart?  Since provisioning doesn't work for me 100% I have been using diskpart which also has similar problems.



                  BTW LD8.8, Dell T300, DRAC 5, PERC6/i, RAID10 (4 drives).  Can't remember BIOS level, but default from factory.



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                    phoffmann SupportEmployee

                    You could probably begin seeing some more sense in this by using the detailed logging:


                    See also


                    "How to troubleshoot Provisioning?":



                    "Provisioning a Dell Server with a BMC and DRAC with sample scripts":



                    Should hopefully help you a bit :).


                    Paul Hoffmann

                    LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                      I have been using the Dell Provisioning template and modifying it to suite this server.



                      I checked %coreserver%\ldlogon\provisioning but found no log file, are they supposed to be here?  When the HDD configuration fails, I will check the X:\provisioning to see the log file on that.



                      Thank you for the hints, I will post the results.



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                        Again no log file that is easily recognizable.  Anyway's the project is completed (stumbling through).  The problem isn't with LANDesk but rather diskpart.  Also this problem only occurs during my testing, I supposed after repeated (many..many times) the program just got confused as to which disk (array) it was using.  Once we used the process to deploy to the other 60 Servers we never encounter any servers that had issues with finding the wrong disk array.


                        Thanks for all those who helped diagnose with this problem.  I think Ghosting would be a much more practical solution, though the image would be static.