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    TPS Module Cloner Error

    angelo.galli Rookie

      I need to add PPM capabilities to LANDesk Service Desk.
      I'm using "TPS Module Cloner" to clone the Change module as per the "PPM Contect Pack" documentation.
      I execute the program and Insert the parameters (Platform,Server User name, Pwd, database),i select a module "change" and press button "Clone".
      After I insert Title e Prefix Field a pressed "Create Clone" button and conferm to make a clone.
      The TPS Module Cloner after 5 second show me this error: "Object reference not set to a instance of a object".




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          Hi Angelo,


          The module cloner is only available to partners and LANDESK internal employees so not many people here on community are going to be able to help you. I can see that you've already raised a case with our support team, they will be best placed to help you resolve this issue.In the meantime, you should check out the module cloning manual that came with the software.