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    Package Bundle Report

    larfun Apprentice

      I am trying to create a package bundle report, but I cannot find any relationship between the package bundle folders and the package. Does any one have any ideas?

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          Simon Ma Employee

          The package and bundle relationship are stored in the PACKAGE_RELATIONSHIPS table.

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            larfun Apprentice

            Doesn't really get me what i need. The fields package_relationships_id, package_idn, relationship_idn, type only help with linking package_relationships_idn, relationship_idn and type to the package. Unfortunately all the fields are numeric. Without something telling me what the numbers represent or what fields these then link to, I am still stuck.


            Anyone know whick field will link to CustomGroup? This is where I beleive the folder (bundle) names reside. I will still need to figure out the nesting piece since the names are stored here in a CustomGroup_Idn ParentCustomGroup_Idn layout. Have pretty much abandoned trying to create this type of report, for now at least.

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              martin.gannon Expert

              Hi Iarfun,


              What you are asking for is a very complicated SQL query that joins and binds numerous tables to provide you the answer you are looking for. Simon is correct in the table , but this is only at the basic level. You can find out the relationship of package and all its connected packages , by going to the software distribution window , right clicking on the software bundle and clicking on 'Relationships...' . This is a added functionality in LDMS 9.6 only though.


              This will show show all the packages in the folder and any nested ones as well.


              If you still would like this report you can look into asking our professional services department to helping you out to create this custom report.