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    Knowledge domains

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      Hi Guys,


      Just a quick question,

      We are just setting up LANDesk Service Desk in our company as a project, and one of the tasks during the configuration is to create 2 Knowledge domains for 2 different types users. Everything worked fine until I assign a security group to each of the domains and add some users.

      All the documentation created under a domain doesn't show up on the search's.


      After checking the community I saw that to have 2 different domains we need to be license for "Active Knowledge" and I don't think we are.


      Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 18.56.15.pngScreen Shot 2015-02-04 at 18.56.27.png

      Can you please advice if that is still the case? If not do you know what could be the problem?


      Our LANDesk Service Desk version is 7.7.3




      Pedro Mendes

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          Everyone gets KB now, the old core vs active knowledge licensing no longer exists.  Can you spell out what you mean by ' added a security group to each of the domains'?


          A common issue when you have knowledge domains/partitioning is that you need to be searching as someone who is in a group that has been given access to the knowledge domain containing the articles in question.  I used to login as SA expecting to see every knowledge results search coming back, but that doesn't happen unless SA is a member of at least some groups that have been given knowledge domain access.


          You could also turn on the TPS diagnostics to see what is happening when you fire off a search.


          You could also take a look through the enclosed.


          Knowledge Management