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    MC9090 using Telnet web freezes with SAP

    dmerkle Rookie

      We ran into this issue when we first started deploying SAP to some locations, MC9090s running telnet would freeze while loading pages in our instance of SAP.

      We danced around it for awhile, replacing 9090s with 9190s, but we've come to a point where we could save some serious cash if we can get the 9090s running.

      So while I'm waiting for management to get our support contract from MotoZebra renewed, I figured I'd post here to see if anyone has any suggestions.


      The details:

      This only seems to happen on Moto MC9090s with CE5.

           We run Moto MC9190s on CE6, Moto VC5090s on CE5, Moto MC75s on WM6, and Intermec CV41s on CE6, but none have this problem.


      After logging into SAP, the 9090 runs fine for a few minutes/transactions but eventually will freeze while trying to load a page.

           The screen is usually completely white when it freezes.


      In my googling, I've seen a handful of other people mention that they have this issue with 9090s/SAP (and other Moto models) but the one solution I found is not applicable in our situation.

           Said solution involved turning off the warning message sounds in SAP, we already have those off.


      I grabbed Telnet 7.3.202 for the 9090 and loaded it onto a device adding no config except a host URL and was able to replicate the issue.

           Also tried turning off web compression, no luck. Turned off enhanced web engine in addition, no luck.


      Have also encountered this problem using Telnet 7.0.140.


      This is more likely geared toward a support case opposed to forum chat, but I figure I'll stay out of Wavelink's helpdesk inbox until I hear back from MotoZebra.