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    How to edit the incident submission timeout

    rstacy Apprentice

      Can anyone suggest a means to update the amount of time someone has to create a ticket?  We've run into trouble specifically with the Change Management form, though the behavior is the same as with incidents. When an end user takes more than :30 minutes to document their issue before hitting [Save] or [Save and Close] the form times out and their data will be lost.  I've hunted around around and verified the following settings.


      • Service Desk Console >> System Settings >> General >> License Session Time-out is 15 minutes
      • Web Server >> IIS 7.0  >> Sites >> Default Web Site >> Web Access >> Session State >> Time-Out = 20 minutes


      Depending on the age of the article, I've checked different areas of IIS and found 20 minutes to be the default.    So, how can I change the time where a new submitted incident can be filled out?  Where is this 30 minute value coming from?


      We're using:   Windows Server 2008 R2 |  LANDesk Service Desk v 7.7.2  | IIS v 7