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    How to use a query created in LDSD as a data source for Crystal Report

    bialae Apprentice

      Dear Fellow Members of LANDesk Community,

      I am creating a report using Crystal Reports 2013. I am able to connect to LANDesk database server.

      Under the 'Available Data Sources' I see ServiceDesk->dbo->Tables.

      However, I have been instructed by my superiors to use a specific Query created previously in Service Desk.

      Looking at the Crystal Report Database Expert dialog box, I don't see a section where the Queries can be found.

      The reason to use a query instead of tables (if that idea is even possible), is because there is already a defined criteria that governs extracting of data needed in the report.

      Please may I ask for your kind help, how I may find or connect and select a Query, to use for the Crystal report I am designing?

      Thank you so very, very much.