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    Task Listener Performance Impact

    tdavenport Specialist

      A client recently asked me why the Patch ERP reports did not work in Data Analytics. Upon investigating, I found that the Task Listener service was required in order for these reports to show data. Unfortunately, we chose not to enable the service because of

      the dire warning about a significant increase in database size and performance impact without any explanation on how or when it should be used. This client has over 40K managed nodes on one core with a long history of patching. These reports are important to them. But they are not going to turn on this service without some understanding of what will happen, for how long, and what the overall impact will be. Some specific questions come to mind.


      1. For a DB with X number of nodes, how much larger will the MP_ComputerPatchScan table get? Will it be as large as the LANDESK patchhistory table? How much growth in size should be expected?

      2. Will the performance hit be permanent or only while the task listener is building the MP_ComputerPatchScan table? Other tables?

      3. How long does Task Listener have to run in order to complete the inserting of records into MP_ComputerPatchScan and other tables?

      4. Is there a way to monitor its progress?

      5. If I chose to run it overnight or over a weekend, how can I confirm that it has completed building the MP patch tables?




      If anyone has any ideas or opinions, I'd love to hear them.


      Thank you!

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          Sebastien.Felix SupportEmployee

          Hi tdavenport,

          It's a  hard question but I can try to give a shot. I looked at our case database to see if some other clients had some issues and basically I saw, for some clients with around 10-15000 nodes on a Core Server, an increase of the DB size by 20GB essentially on table MP_ComputerPatchScan.

          As you have already posted; here are 2 interesting articles - The MP_ComputerPatchScan table can grow quite large and Managed Planet Task Listener has not started/ What is this service used for


          The best way to know the time it takes to fill it up, is to backup the LDMS DB and restore it in a test environment to give you a clear idea.

          The performance hit will be when the service Task Listener will run, that's why it is advised to run it only when you need to generate your reports then stop after. You may schedule the report to run during the night indeed so.


          I hope it will help you, but there is no much I could tell you than another client would report in a similar situation.


          Good luck!