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    LANDesk 9.6 SP1 Provisioning Custom Messages issue

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      I have an app incorrectly installed with incorrect options. I have created a provisioning template which uninstalls, then reboots (as it will not reinstall untill rebooted), reinstalls with correct options and updates to latest patch version.


      The problem is this is a business critical app used constantly by most users so I need to notify users before running anything with the option for them to defer. I have created the provisioning task which works successfully but when I schedule the task in the delivery methods it only shows options for legacy "Delivery Methods" so I created a new one with options to defer and custom messages etc but nothing happens on client machine the template just runs and completes!?


      I create a TEST UI template which simply creates a directory and screenshots below but as mentioned it just runs without any notification to user? What do I need to do for this to work?????


      I know in the prov template you can show UI but all this does is pop up with default provisioning screen without any prompt and just runs straight away.





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          OK it does not seem this is possible via what I assumed is the simple way. Provisioning tasks seem to be "PUSH" only run but I don't understand what push methods they use as it did not seem to matter what I changed in the scheduled task.


          However once created a provisioning task you can then run Distribution, deploy a "New distribution package" and select "New Provisioning Package" then schedule that and use whatever delivery methods/settings required.


          I have also set up within the provisioning task a execute file action which loads a *.hta file and pops up with a message and I have a "Proceed" button which the user has to click and the task will halt until this is done so I have sorted my original problem.