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    Help needen with trying to troubleshoot a major issue with the inventory scans




      Since we've implemented LANDesk in our organization, we've encountered some problems with devices not having complete inventories. From the 844 agents registered in LANDesk, 142 do not have a complete inventory scan...


      I'm now trying to troubleshoot this and have some questions regarding the inventory processes.


      I noticed an event in the event viewer of the core server which says "The size of Codecs.VERSION is too small. Increase its size by at least 6.".

      I found a document here which described a possible solution to this problem. Furthermore, I have several "Inventory data for ... is out of sync.  A full scan will be forced." errors for different ID's.


      I want to know if the "out of sync" error is related to the "column too small" error? If so, is there a connection between the "out of sync" error and inventory scans not being updated in the database?


      Thanks in advance.