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    Service Desk add-on - how would you proceed?

    cyberdemon Apprentice

      I have an existing VM server 2008 running LDMS 9.5sp1 with local DB serving up just over a 1000 machines. I have no need to change this architecture unless required to. It works great, no issues, really.


      My company is investigating Service Desk. I've read through LANDESK Service Desk Technical Specifications and Architecture Guidelines and i'm not certain how to proceed in theory (as it hasn't been determined at this point).


      Would i need to change how this is designed to accommodate adding (glomming on) Service Desk? In other words, would I need to do over and stand up a 9.5 or 9.6 side by side migration to split out the database from the LDMS server or can the Service Desk simply just connect/add to the existing setup (in addition to the other servers [crystal reports, web server, TS] it needs)?


      For me, less work is ideal, unless it's necessary in order to run SD. The way i would envision this, is stand up some other VM's including the TS, and just point everything to the existing DB (aka LANDesk management suite server).