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    Office 2013 install never shows completed - "Client has initiated asynchronous policy execution" Return code 1354 with Run from Source

    island_road Rookie

      The issue that I am having is LANDesk both 9.0 and 9.5 never show completed when trying to push Office 2013. Office will actually install on the client machine but within the log files LANDesk always just shows "Processing generic executable" and nothing more. I am never presented with a completed return code.The way I have my package setup is that I have all additional files included they are pushed to the client. I have my .msp within the office "updates" folder. I can run office manually just fine but when going though LANDesk it seems to be somewhat of a headache.


      My Account is running as the "LocalSystem Account" I have a slew of office return codes but it never offers a return code because the task actually times out.


      I have also packaged Office a few different ways as well. I have made a script to just call the .exe same things happens. I have tired running from source but when I do this within 9.6 i am presented with "Client has initiated asynchronous policy execution" Return code 1354 - This will not time out but just stay present in "Active" status until I cancel out the scheduled task. I believe this might be an issue with 9.6 and I have seen some other users presented with.


      Has anybody else encountered these issues?