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    Email Notifications disabled for some Incidents based on User and System

    jasoncadman Expert

      Hi All


      I'm wondering if anyone has been asked this before. I'm trying to prevent all email notifications being sent for specific calls based on the following conditions:


      Individual End User AND Specific system AND specific process


      I could use different criteria such as pm_reply_display_name or pm_reply_email_address as these calls will all be logged automatically by email to a specific email address.


      As there area few different ways to send an email notification, my feel is that this would take a significant amount of design work and additional decisions to navigate the process around the notifications as required. Or maybe automatically setting each notification checkbox to determine whether each notification is activated (and therefore sent) based on a notification enabled checkbox set on the process based on a calculation with the required logic in it, and then automatically copying that over to the process actions for assignment, reminder, update end user etc etc in the process. It all seems really messy to me though


      I think that the actual resolution is to stop end users emailing in and LDSD autologging calls (i.e. use self service!) but we struggle to move them away from their beloved email



      Thanks in advance