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    LDMS 9.5 Common Base Agent Not Loaded

    alexfrost Rookie

      We have just updated our core and remote consoles from 9.5 SP2 to SP3. At the time everything appeared to go smoothly but it has now become apparent that there is a problem with agents that have been built under SP3.


      Out of just over 3,000 devices, 40 have had their clients updated and none of these respond to remote control, package deployment or any other console initiated action. Inventory scans run from the local PC are returned to the core ok.

      Agents that have not been upgraded are still working normally.


      When looking at the Agents tab in Device Properties, Common Base Agent status is showing as Not loaded. Real-time inventory and Remote Control Agent are both loaded.


      If anyone has any idea as to what the problem could be, I would love to hear from you!