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    How can %username% be used in a Provisioning task without it being expanded in to its value?


      I'm trying to install Microsoft UE-V agent v2.1 which requires a storage location to be defined which includes %username%. The storage location is a network share: \\server\share\%username% which must be a literal string and the %username% should not be expanded at installation time.

      From the command line, it is installed using the ^ character:

      AgentSetup.exe /quiet /norestart SettingsStoragePath=\\server\share\%^username%

      Using a %^username% results in LANDesk trying to use a variable from the inventory record, which fails because it doesn't exist.


      Using a double %% results in the variable being expanding in to the Username variable, which is the computer hostname as the job is run under the system account. This causes UE-V to use a single settings storage location for all users which is unwanted.


      How can LANDesk be prevented from expanding the %username% ?