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    Best practice for migrating data in a side-by-side upgrade




      We are currently doing a side-by-side upgrade to upgrade from LD9.5 SP2 to LD9.6 SP1.


      What is the best practice method for migrating queries, packages and tasks in that situation?


      I've so far established the following:


      * CORE sync will not work as both COREs are not on the same version


      * Items can be exported manually to a .ldms file, but it fails to import on the LD9.6 CORE because the <AssemblyVer> value does not macth. It's possible to change the value to match the new CORE and then the import seems to be successful, but I can find multiple threads on the community that says this is not a supported method and you shouldn't do it - i.e. https://community.landesk.com/support/thread/23198


      * The tool package.porter.exe can be used to export public packages to an .xml file, but the import fails on the LD9.6 CORE with the following error:


      The following exception occurred while importing the distribution package : System.MissingMethodException: Method 'LANDesk.ManagementSuite.SoftwareDistribution.Business.Package.CategoryName' not found.

         at System.RuntimeType.InvokeMember(String name, BindingFlags bindingFlags, Binder binder, Object target, Object[] providedArgs, ParameterModifier[] modifiers, CultureInfo culture, String[] namedParams)

         at LANDesk.ManagementSuite.SoftwareDistribution.Business.ImportExport.XmlPorterHelper.InitializeObjectFromXml(XmlNode node, Object instance, Type type, String[] properties, String[] required, IPorterProcessCallback callback)

         at LANDesk.ManagementSuite.SoftwareDistribution.Business.ImportExport.PackagePorter.ExtractPackage(String connectionString, XmlNode child, String serverName, Boolean bReplace, IPorterProcessCallback callback, Boolean publishing, BooleanrenameReplicatedPackages)


      I can then manually remove the lines with "<CategoryName> </CategoryName>" in the xml file and then the package is imported without any errors being shown. Unfortunately I've found that an eventual prereq. query is not imported even though it's present in the xml file which means that the package is not correctly imported.


      Please advise how we can successfully migrate the queries, packages and tasks that we need on the new CORE. Upgrading the old CORE to the same version as the new CORE so CORE sync. can be used is currently not an option.


      Thanks in advance.


      Note: I've asked LANDesk Support the same question, but with this thread I'm hoping to get some "real life experience" input on this situation as well.

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             Bryce here from LANDESK Support. I know you've already talked with us but I am not sure which answer you have received. As the Software Distribution Product Support Engineer I know that most of the people I have helped out have had the most success with the following

          1. Making a backup of their 9.5 SP2 DB
          2. Standing up a second server on 9.5 SP2, and restoring the original DB to this server, we'll call it the migration server.
          3. Upgrading the migration server to LDMS 9.6 SP1.
          4. Core Syncing the data from the migration server to the new 9.6 server.

          ** Licensing is based on managed nodes and not core servers so having multiple servers concurrently will not be an issue as the migration server in this instance will not have any agents reporting to it, and it only needs to be online long enough to Sync all the data to the new server.


             I know this is a fairly round about process, but in lieu of a more convenient method this has provided the best result for most who have tried it. Let me know if you have any questions.