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    Filtering list by selection


      Hi All,


      Any help/thoughts/direction/solutions on the following situation would be greatly appreciated, I have attempted to use the LANDesk Designer guide to work out a solution but am struggling to decide how to create the correct relationships and link the filters/conditions to give the correct output.



      I am tasked with creating a series of drop down lists in a WebDesk window that respond to the previous list's selection.


      • Create 3 drop down lists.
      • list 2 results are dependant on list 1.
      • list 3 results are dependant on list 2.


      Initially I thought...

      • Create 3 business objects (Pay Group, Pay Band, Pay Scale)
      • Normalise the items so there aren't any repeats in the lists
      • Use a filter/condition to only show the relevant items to the users selection on change of value.


      I have seen a few post on here where people have used a one box category style solution. Due to the large number of items being stored in the lists (list 1 approx. 10 items, list 2 approx. 40 items, list 3 60+ items) I feel it would be unsustainable for users to attempt to achieve the outcome in one box.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.



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          CraigMiddelstadt Master

          Here is an example of how to approach separately filtered lists. 

          • Create your reference lists separately and then associate the 2nd object with the first creating a collection of the 2nd on the first.  Then do the same for 2 and 3.
          • When creating the window use Multi-select control and add 2nd reference list to the First and the 3rd to the Second on each window.  This will allow you to associate the correct reference list items at each level.
          • Add all data for all three reference lists.
          • In object designer go to each drop down attribute and apply a filter with the criteria:
            • First Reference List criteria should be "2nd collection.2nd Reference List is equal to (2nd Reference List)"
            • Second Reference List criteria should be "3rd collection.3rd Reference List is equal to (3rd Reference List)"


          This is very high level with the assumption that you know your way around Service Desk.


          Screenshot of the 1st Level reference list and adding 2nd level items.


          Hope this helps.

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            I cannot Thank you enough for this!


            I have managed to create the lists as required, I also have put together a step by step guide as to how to create the relevant list for anyone else who needs to create relative lists. It is written in relation to my specific example but includes the essential steps that you wrote.


            Many Kind Regards



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              CraigMiddelstadt Master

              Glad it all worked out.  Nice job on documenting this..