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    Using Package Builder with Internet Explorer 7

    esmoore Apprentice


      I work for a library district that is preparing to push out Internet Explorer 7 to the patron computers.  For security reasons, we have policy restrictions and security applications to restrict what actions the patrons can take on the computers.  Among the restrictions is that various profile changes are not retained when the public account is logged out (as when the computers are shut down at the end of the day).  As a result, certain configuration options in IE7 are not retained, specifically:


      1. Disabling the information bar warning the user that "intranet settings are turned off by default...click for options."

      2. Disabling the prompt asking the user whether to enable AutoComplete.

      3. Disabling the warning that appears when the user submits insecure information from a non-SSL form.

      I have attempted to capture these changes using the Package Builder tool to no avail.  I have run Package Builder from a computer with a clean install of XP SP2 (no third-party applications) and from one of our working patron computers.  It may be that Package Builder is not able to capture these changes, but I though I would ask if anyone else has dealt with this or a similar issue and can provide recommendations on what I can try next.