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    LDMS 9.6 Provisioning Defect


      Yesterday we discovered and reported to Engineering a defect in 9.6 SP1 when setting up our Provisioning templates on our new 9.6 SP1 core.


      For anyone using the Map Drive action that connects to a resource rather than actually mapping a drive letter you may be affected by this. We use, as I'm sure most of you do, variables rather than hard coded entries. This defect prevents the use of a password variable in the connect to resource action as it does not appear to correctly register it. If you save your template with the password variable added, close and reopen the template, then go back to the action you will see the variable is gone and there is what appears to be hashed passwords entered, but it does not work.


      I found in testing that actually using the map drive command rather than connect to resource does work so is a workaround for now.


      This is with Engineering for resolution.


      Hope this post helps anyone struggling with this as I did for half a day yesterday.