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    Scan Terminator Config on only 1 Type of Barcode




      For some reasons in my company, the Scan Terminator has been disbaled to avoid a wrong scan to be send automatically in the system.

      After a little incident during a scan, a wrong information has been sent (the scan has been modified accidentaly by the user) and some issues happens after that (quantity error, product reference not correct etc).


      I've been aksed to enable the scan terminator to send automatically the data after each scan, but for ne particular barcode type : Code128.

      I've made some test and modifications on one of our handheld (Motorola MC9190G) but none of them works.


      Do you have any idea on how I can set up this auto send scan only for Code 128 ?


      Thank you in advance for your help.

      Have a nice day !