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    Can I set a Request to breach at a specific time?

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      I'm working on an "Event Support Request" Process to track requests for us to support a physical event in our buildings. These sorts of requests do not have a "time elapsed" service agreement, but rather a specific date/time by which they must be completed (the time of the event, e.g. "March 15th, 7p.m."). I intend to add an "Event Time" attribute to Request. Is there a way to set escalations relative to this time (e.g. "X hours before")? This is intended to provide warning so we can verify tasks (e.g. "A/V setup" or "rent tables/chairs") have been completed by a particular time.




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          Response levels in LD don't work that way I'm afraid (shame!)  You'd have to build in the notification warnings yourself using a scheduled calculation/action as part of the process.  There are some intrinsic process functions in LD to create escalation points, but I've never managed to get my brain round how you might be able to use those.  Mind you it was some time ago that I looked at those, so it might be worth at least looking at that.

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