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    Duplicate templates and scheduling

    sreid Rookie

      Hi everyone,


      I have a strange thing happening, I create my templates and when I make them Public there is duplicated entries, one has a date one does not?? Does anyone else have this issue?


      One other strange thing that happens. when ever I provision a device it creates its own scheduled task and will use that task unless I delete it?? I thought you had to create a task in order to assign a template to a device?


      Thanks ahead of time.

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          jhackett SupportEmployee


          This behavior is normal behavior. When you provision a system it will create a task for you. When the task is created either by you or when the system starts provisioning a "locked' copy is created. You can't modify this copy and it does it so that nothing is changed during provisioning. (That would cause big problems.) Best practices is to get you template setup and tested. Then create a task and then schedule future tasks from that locked template. This will prevent lots of locked templates from being created.

          If you are on 9.6 SP1 you will see less of these as they made changes to help manage the locked templates.