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    Missing endpoints

    steve.molander Apprentice

      I've run into a new problem that just came up within the last month.   I am missing servers within my inventory lists and scopes.   Yet when I remote to the server, I find the LANDesk Management applications installed, can manually run an inventory and security scan.    No errors when the scans are completed and sending info to the core.


      I have reinstalled the agent without any change.


      My duplicate rules are simple.  I only check for device name to validate duplicate.  


      I have restarted the server.   I have manually restarted the Inventory service.


      Right now I have three servers that are not showing up and one laptop.    No pattern to why these three either.  


      9.5 sp3


      Any suggestions?

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          Sebastien.Felix SupportEmployee

          Hi Steve,

          It may be due because the scan file which is sent to the Core Server is too large hence it is not added into the SQL database.

          What I would suggest is to check first on the DB if indeed the entry for these servers are existing or not; do the following query against the LDMS DB on your SQL server;

          select * from computer (look for the corresponding device name).

          If it is not there, it means that the Inventory service on the Core Server may have rejected it. Hence, just do an inventory scan from the computer and after 5 minutes, check on the event viewer on the Core Server if there is no records regarding the LD Inventory service (This is where the logs are recorded).

          When a .scn file is also rejected, it goes either into the ..\management\suite\ldscan\ErrorBigscan or ..\management\suite\ldscan\ErrorScan, check if your scan file is into one of these.

          You can limit the max size of the .scn file (Scan file) on the Core Server > LDMS Console > Configure > Services... > Inventory tab > Advanced settings button > Max Scan file size (maybe too small, then increase it accordingly you saw in folder ErrorBigscan mentioned above).

          Hope it will help,

          Good luck!