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    Excluding "Device Names" or "Display Names" in a scope.


      Seems simple right?


      This is what we are trying to accomplish. We want to introduce a Java update to our Portal using a scope that will find all the Windows machines on campus, we can do that, and that his been done. However we want to exclude specific computer names starting with "ADM" and "FNA". What we are trying to do is with the scope query we are saying the following:


      "Computer"."OS"."Name" LIKE "Windows"

      OR "Computer"."Device Name" NOT LIKE "ADM"

      OR "Computer"."Device Name" NOT LIKE "FNA"


      However even with these parameters it will still pull up computers with the names starting with ADM, or FNA.


      Is there any way to achieve not deploying this portal option to some of the computers on our campus? Or am I going about this the wrong way. I've included a few screen shots so that this can be visualized.