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    Detailed Explanation of Provisioning Tasks



      I have been trying out provisioning for the last few days and have encountered a few problems with what each actions does. There also seems to be some disagreement between the manual and emea support for how certain things work, therefore I would like to start this so that people who know can clarify and explain exactly every step in each action, once we have enough we can convert this to a document.






      Configure Target OS



      Runs after a syspreped install is completed in the post os section, this searches all mounted/mapped drives for a sysprep folder and where it finds one first copy ldprovision to the root of the disk, then create a $OEM$ directory under the sysprep folder if it does not already exist then create cmdlines.txt in that directory and a file called ldprovision.cmd. At minisetup stage the cmdlines.txt is evaluated this calls the ldprovision.cmd which installs the Landesk CBA, this allows the system configuration section to start after system finishes mini setup.



      This is not applicable to scripted installs and is only valid for syspreped images






      Scripted Install



      Installs Windows OSs (win2k - 2k3, not 2k8 or vista) using the unattended method, this injects the selected script to the x:\ldprovision directory , then calls winnt32.exe with the /unattend switch specifying the script which was injected, after the setup has been completed, the ldprovision directory is copied to the root of the installation drive and a $oem$ is created in the graphical install directory of the os if it does not already exist, in this folder two files are created cmdlines.txt and ldprovision.cmd. During the registering components section of the OS installation the cmdlines.txt file is called which in turn calls the ldprovision.cmd this then installs the Landesk CBA, this allows the system configuration section to start after the setup is finished.