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    WebAccess hangs for a number of users


      Hi - We have recently upgraded to Win 8.1 and IE11 and a couple - not all - of the service desk analysts are having problems using WebAccess.


      Symptoms including Web access hanging for several minutes when saving an incident or request, taking an age to refresh and distorting the views and browsing through the navigation menus.

      Removing Java seems to have improved matters but there are still delays in saving so not sure if it is linked.


      We have completed the standard diagnostics such as different browsers (happens in Chrome and Firefox), no issues with local or network performance. We're not load balancing and nothing showing in task manager when it hangs. If another analyst logs into the same laptop they experience the same problems but when they go back to their own laptop it works fine so it's not profile related and appears to be a localised issue.


      This does not affect all users and seems to be isolated down to 3 analysts but as they are new standard builds and the same across the desk the results are puzzling. It's only LANDesk that is affected, all other apps and supplier portals work fine.


      Has anyone any ideas??