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    Suggestions required on "How to gather reports/trends when LANDesk is integrated with 2 other ITSM tools".


      Hello Guys,


      We have a scenario and i am looking for the best idea for pulling the reports.


      1st Branch uses LANDesk, 2nd Branch and 3rd Branch uses different ITSM tools.

      We have integrated 1st and 2nd Branch already using LPM process and i have boolean attribute based on groups with which i pull report on count of Incidents transferred for resolution to LANDesk and count resolved at other ITSM tool which is transferred from LANDesk tool.


      We are not integrating LANDesk with 3 rd Group as of now, and there will be just a manual process where in Service desk of 3rd Branch calls/Mails our service desk 1st Branch and provides the ID and issue details.

      I have new attribute created on windows at LANDesk to capture the ID of other ITSM tool manually.


      How can i create a cross tab report on count of Incidents transferred for resolution between these 3 ITSM tools?